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    Willowdene Farm, established in 1988, a premier provider of rehabilitation and training in the UK passionately believes that every individual has the right to live the life they were designed for; able to discover their true self and explore a new purposeful lifestyle, able to rejoin their community and become a purposeful and active member of society.

    Over the last 25 years, Willowdene has adapted to the needs of its students and the changing commissioning landscape. RITE Social Enterprises, established in 2012 is a pioneering an innovative model for supporting and delivering the core activities of Willowdene.

    about trusting

    Change in an Individual blossoms and accelerates when connections are made, whether these are environmental, social or spiritual.

    This connection soon builds a rapport and creates an atmosphere that is conducive to change/ Building appropriate relationships is key to breaking the cycle of the past. A relationship built on mutual respect will enable and create the opportunity for life lasting change.

    about inspiring

    So often we can become trapped in the current chaos of our lives and the belief system that things will not change and if they do they will probably become worse.

    At Rite we want to rouse the inner self through offering a new direction, one that is designed to encourage and stimulate you to believe in the difference you can make. Embarking on a new journey that is exciting and offers a way out of the cycle that is stopping you from fulfilling your potential.

    about trusting

    In a setting that promotes hope for different way of life, it is essential that you can realise your dreams of a better future, this can be achieved as you develop confidence and try new experiences and skills in a setting that is safe to make mistakes and take risks where you will be supported and coached.

    It is important that expectations are not falsely raised we continue to only offer outcomes that are achievable and realistic for everyone attending at RITE.

    about engaging

    As you embark on breaking the cycle and embracing a new way of life you will discover a setting that you will connect to, a ralxing and inviting place where you feel settled to engage in all that's on offer.

    This change in environment is often much needed: a place to switch off the normal and engage in a new setting that promotes a new direction. The more you engage in the programme the more you will fit; and you will be able to relate to this new way of thinking, allowing transformation to begin.

  • News from RITE

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    Building Better Opportunities

    Willowdene is thrilled to be part of the Building Better Opportunities initiative across Worcestershire. For more information, please contact Paulette at paulette@willowdenefarm.org.uk, or by telephone on 01746 718658.

    Experiencing RITE

    See what the RITE Experience offers in this short video…

    Willowdene's CQC Performance

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