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Building on 23 years of success, RITE offers innovation and real results

RITE Social Enterprises was born out of an initiative launched by Willowdene in partnership with the National Offender Management Service and West Mercia Probation. The initiative was for the delivery of a pilot program to see if the innovative and highly acclaimed approach to residential rehabilitation pioneered and delivered by Willowdene for over 23 years could be transferred into a day care service provision.

The pilot delivered amazing results, confounding the sceptics and winning much support over its duration of three cohorts each of 8 offenders from West Mercia. Over 70% graduated the programme, with 25% going into full-time employment. In addition, a significant proportion of those who attended substantially reduced the level of their methadone or subutex scripts; and an independent review showed that 70% did not reoffend in the [ ] months following their engagement.

70% graduated, 25% entered employment and 70% did not reoffend. Lives transformed

RITE Social Enterprises is based in South Shropshire set in 60 acres of land, boasting sensational panoramic views in a tranquil setting. The site offers a range of agricultural buildings and teaching facilities in addition to the well established commercial horticultural site. The horticultural site has 6 six large glasshouses and eight commercial poly tunnels.

All the work done at RITE, whether by those attending a programme, those volunteering to help delivery or on the production side, is purposeful and meaningful. We don’t ‘dig holes just to fill them in: we produce something tangible that positively impacts our community, and in its production becomes a catalyst for positive change in all who engage. Everyone involved is able to put their mark on RITE and help to develop the social outreach to reach further and further, impacting individual lives and communities as it does.

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