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RITE Social Enterprises is a special place to work, whether full-time or part-time, or as a paid employee or as a volunteer. It is not simply a place of work, it is a lifestyle that our staff and volunteers exhibit in their day-to-day lives. Volunteering or working for RITE Social Enterprises is a vocation, not a job.

There are few things in life as rewarding as seeing a broken, disillusioned and disenfranchised life engaged in destructive behaviours and without purpose or a hope of a future transformed. To have the opportunity to play a part in helping to bring that transformation about is a privilege we never take forgranted.

This is an amazing place to work – you get such a sense of belonging and reward

The client group at RITE Social Enterprises is demanding and challenging. The issues many of them face are often difficult for us to comprehend. Many of the stories attached to the brokenness in their lives can be horrifying. To be able to be effective in this environment our staff and volunteers must be able to empathise while remaining objective, and must be able to ensure that at all times they are performing their duty of care, remaining focused on the delivery of their roles in spite of emotional or therapeutic situations that must arise.

Working in a challenging and therapeutic environment can often reveal areas of our own lives that we need to address: areas related to our past that may be holding us back or affecting our behaviour. At RITE we do not believe that we should expect those on the programme to do anything that we are not prepared to do ourselves. Generally this will refer to the jobs and activities we do, but on occasion it may involve addressing issues in our own lives; and we expect all RITE staff and volunteers to commit to this principle.

Taking up a volunteering or career opportunity at RITE is a tough thing to do, but it will also be possibly the most rewarding thing you will ever do. If you feel that you are the kind of person who can cope with the challenges, embrace the principles and live out RITE in your day-to-day life then we’d like to hear from you. We occasionally have job opportunities, and we are regularly looking for volunteers. All opportunities will be posted right here on the website. If you see a role that you think is right for you, or if you simply want to let us know of your interest in getting involved more generally, we’d like to hear from you, so please get in touch.

Current Opportunities at RITE

Listed below are a selection of the current employment and volunteering opportunities at RITE Social Enterprises. Visit our Jobs and Volunteering page to see all of the current opportunities.

Sorry, there are currently no job or volunteering opportunities available.

Current Opportunities

Current volunteering and job opportunities at RITE are listed below. Click on the role title to see full details.

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